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March 21 Commander's COVID-19 Update

March 21, 2020

I hope that everyone is remaining safe and healthy during the evolving pandemic event. This past Thursday, National Headquarters provided additional guidance on the waivers that are available to cadets that are staying active in the CAP Cadet Program during the pause of in-person meetings. Based on approved waivers, I am issuing the following guidance:

- Online achievement tests, essays, and written SDAs will continue as normal (essays and SDAs will be emailed directly to the deputy commander for cadets)

- Proctored milestone exams, speeches, and oral presentation SDAs will be conducted over Google Hangouts

- Drill performance tests are waived for the duration of the incident

- CPFT must be administered by a parent or responsible adult in accordance with CAPP 60-50 and the results of the test must be emailed to the deputy commander for cadets. Only cadets with an expired HFZ assessment will be required to complete the CPFT for progression

Please contact me with any questions regarding this guidance or with any other concerns regarding our modified operations.

Lt Col Nicholas McLarty, CAP

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