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Unit Emblem Heraldry

The design of the George H. W. Bush Composite Squadron emblem was inspired by the symbols taken from the life of service of the former president.

The dominant device, the eagle grasping the olive branch and bundle of arrows, is borrowed from the seal of the President of the United States of America. Above it is the emblem of the Civil Air Patrol, the red three-blade propeller upon a white triangle upon a blue circle, here implied by a ring of stars. The stars number thirteen (twelve plus one) as a reminder of the anniversary of the Civil Air Patrol which was founded December 1, 1941.

The shield upon the eagle’s breast has a field of dark blue with three white vertical stripes, the center white stripe with a narrower red stripe upon it. This recalls the ribbon of the Distinguished Flying Cross, awarded to Former President Bush for his heroism on September 2, 1944.

Across the middle of the shield is blue bar edged in gold, which suggests the ribbon of the Air Medal, another recognition he received during his military service. Upon this are three gold compass stars, emblematic of the three times he was awarded this citation as well as the three elected positions he honorably held during his career in public service: as a Congressman from [the great state of] Texas, Vice President under Ronald Reagan, and of course as President of the United States of America. The compass star is taken from the design of the Air Medal itself, encircling an eagle carrying two lightning bolts, and it also echoes the primary device in the emblem of the Central Intelligence Agency, of which the former president was the eleventh director.

Within the eagle’s beak is a ribbon — on the emblem it is below so as to be legible — bearing a motto inspired by one of the former president’s own statements, “Any definition of a successful life must include serving others.” Here it is expressed as “To Serve Others Is to Serve the Country” rendered in Latin (“Inservare alliorum est inservare patrium”).

The George H. W. Bush Composite Squadron emblem was designed by Jacob Haldeman, a graphic designer and heraldry expert who graciously donated his time and expertise to produce the high-quality emblem befitting of the squadron’s namesake.

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